• Community Values

    🦁 Action Over Fear

    Fear is real. We embrace our shadow and still choose to move forward. We take action wisely and in accordance with our values. We lead by example, without arrogance or cowardice.

    🤝 Pay It Forward

    We need allies. We are generous with our time, knowledge, and support. We help one another in the spirit of reciprocity. Be inclusive, stick together, and respect one another.

    🤫 Respectful Privacy

    Our self-work is private. By default, everything is off the record. We are opening up to ourselves and others about our true selves. Please honor that, and avoid sharing anything you learn about each other without explicit permission.

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    Chat about key takeaways and discuss with Jeremy & other leaders.

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    Read guides on SE Asia, fundraising and tactics and ask questions .

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    Receive changelog updates, and give suggestions with team responses.

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    Please note that this is currently a waitlist. Applications will be approved on rolling basis when slots open.

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