• Biography

    Jeremy Au (区汉辉) is a VC at Monk's Hill Ventures who invests in fellow founders who will transform millions of lives. He also spearheads MHV's key initiatives from venture scouts to thought leadership. Jeremy hosts BRAVE Southeast Asia Tech, a global top 10% podcast interviewing trailblazing founders, investors and rising stars. His mission is to inspire thousands to build the future, learn from our past and stay human in between. He is an angel investor in over twenty startups across USA and Southeast Asia.


    Jeremy cofounded CozyKin, an early education marketplace. He led the startup as CEO from 0 to Series A and acquisition by Higher Ground Education. Won Harvard Business School's New Venture Competition and the MassChallenge grand prize. Incubated by Harvard Innovation Lab's VIP Program and MIT Sandbox.


    Jeremy cofounded Conjunct Consulting, an impact consulting platform, and bootstrapped the social enterprise to profitability, over a hundred clients and thousands of trained impact leaders. He consulted across multiple Southeast Asia markets and China as a Bain management consultant. He also served as an infantry sergeant in Singapore.

    Jeremy is a public speaker and panelist on entrepreneurship, leadership and community engagement. He has spoken for thousands across Harvard, Deutsche Bank, Singapore Global Tech Network, Boston SPARK Council, Institute of Policy Studies, Civil Service College and many others. Recognized by Forbes 30 Under 30 and Prestige 40 Under 40. MBA from Harvard Business School and double honor degrees in Economics & Business Administration from UC Berkeley.


    Jeremy enjoys science fiction, improv, hiking, tea and being a dad with his family. He enjoys hearing from authentic founders, receiving podcast guest recommendations and new speaking opportunities. Follow Jeremy on LinkedIn, Instagram and Twitter.

  • Education

    Harvard Business School

    Master of Business Administration (MBA)

    Independent Project with Ryan Buell (Managing Service Operations) and Shikhar Ghosh (Founders' Journey). Tech Club, Healthcare Club, Social Enterprise Club.

    UC Berkeley

    B.A. Economics & B.S. Business Administration

    Graduated with simultaneous honors degree (GPA 3.8, GMAT 790). Honors thesis: Econometric research on how literacy impacts technology adoption speeds globally.

    Tsinghua University

    Chinese Language Semester Program

    Exchange semester covering Chinese literature, history and language learning.

  • My Bucket List

    “Every man dies. Not every man really lives.” William Ross

    ✅ Found A Sustainable Social Enterprise (2011-2015)

    Conjunct Consulting: All credit goes to my cofounder Kwok Jiachuan and the Conjunct community

    ✅ Hike the Inca Trail (29/5/2011)

    Watch the sunrise from Machu Picchu

    ✅ Be Reflected In Salar de Uyuni (3/6/2011)

    A desert of salt and water reflecting the sky

    ✅ Take Care Of My Own Dog (14/2/2012)

    Keiko the Shiba Inu!

    ✅ Eat at Sukiyabashi Jiro (30/10/2014)

    From the documentary "Jiro Dreams of Sushi"

    ✅ Hike The Pacific Crest Trail (7/2015)

    From Los Angeles to Yosemite. Thanks to "Wild" by Cheryl Strayed.

    ✅ Earn an Harvard MBA (2015-2018)

    Almost didn't graduate!

    ✅ Wander Around Turkey (12/2015)

    Istanbul, Hagia Sophia, Roman & Byzantine history, Turkish baths and Cappadocia hot air balloons

    ✅ Build A Mission-Driven Startup (2016-2019)

    CozyKin: Acquired by Higher Ground Education

    ✅ Get Married To The Love Of My Life (22/12/2018)

    Tea, walks and conversations

    ✅ Perform Improv for Friends & Family (2017-Present)

    Thanks ImprovBoston and Upright Citizen's Brigade for all the training!

    ✅ Tour the Vatican City (12/2021)

    Road trip across Pompeii, Naples, Rome, Florence, Bologna, Venice & Verona!

    ✅ Write a Book on Bravery (6/8/2022)

    Harder than I hope, easier than I had feared

    ⬜ Watch Every Pixar Movie With My Kids

    and maybe Star Wars too

    ⬜ Explore Burning Man

    Target: 2023?

    ⬜ Visit Bethlehem on Christmas

    Nativity Church. 2025?

    ⬜ Run With The Bulls in Spain

    Bonus: Not get gored

    ⬜ Cook and Share a Whole Ostrich Egg

    ⬜ Climb A Coconut Tree

    and snag a coconut to drink!

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  • Causes

    I support these causes personally and financially. I hope that you consider supporting them too!

    Pioneering the use of narrative & user choice at scale for microfinance

    Mobilizing pro bono talent to strengthen social good organisations and nurture the next generation of change leaders

  • Projects

    Co-Founder, 2015-2020

    Polling work on Singaporeans in 2015 and 2020. Spoke at Institute of Policy Studies. Conducted election poll on Harvard Business School students.


    Volunteered in COVID-19 coronavirus pandemic to build community wiki in partnership with Singapore Global Network


    1. Your friends think that you're crazy. 2. Press play. 3. Accelerate.


    1. You're running a legal casino. 2. Press play. 3. Tweet your unicorn exit.

    Author, 2017-2019

    Crowdsourced a list of authentic Southeast Asian food across America and rated them.

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